“Ligesom i en levende organisme er enhver del af systemet både autonom og afhængig af helheden.” – Ted Rau

Join us at the Live Facilitator Course this march

– become a certified sociocratic facilitator

Learn how to:

The trainers:

  • guide groups in utilizing their collective wisdom for decisions
  • enable groups to make decisions that work for everyone
  • facilitate consent processes and selection of different choices (for example to elect people into roles)
  • use meeting formats that allow for meetings with purpose
  • facilitate so that the power is distributed in the group

Ted Rau

Master in linguistics from Eberhard Karls University in Germany. Had a career in research and finished postdoc. at Massachusetts Amherst University.  Now acts as Program Director and Operational Leader for Sociocracy for All.
Co-author of Many Voices One Song from 2018.

Jerry Koch-Gonzales

Master in Organisational Development from Massachussetts Amherst University. Extensive experience as consultant for Center for Nonviolent Communication and The Sociocracy Cunsulting Group. Co-author of Many Voices One Song from 2018.

Time: March 3rd to 6th 2020
Place: Hellerup, Denmark

DKK 12,450

The course is a collaboration between Crossing Circles, Implement Consulting Group and Sociocracy For All.

Note: Limited spots available

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Description of the course:

For some, meetings are a necessity for any ­ collaboration, but just as many say that they don’t enjoy them. In our ­ experience, meetings can be the highlight of a team’s ­collaboration, a place where everyone is heard and supported, and where we can create the clarity we need to move forward effectively and efficiently while getting to know each other more deeply.

This course is for everyone who is already a practitioner of sociocracy wanting to improve their skills and offer the best meeting facilitation
to their customers, ­collaborators or co-workers.
For some, meeting facilitation can be intimidating – and for good reason. It’s a complex mix of content work, inter­personal dynamics, tools and ideas. We will break it down into doable chunks.

Learn while you practise
You can improve your facilitation of meetings by learning new formats and reflecting on different group processes. Yet, the biggest improve­ment comes from practice.

At the course, we will practise in small groups and might repeat the same scenario several times. In real meetings, everything often happens at once – people get upset, ­confused, someone wants to push their agenda and another doesn’t stop talking.
We will identify those challenges and practise moving through those ­challenges with integrity.

During the course, you will ­facilitate, observe and receive feedback in a ­psychologically safe learning environment.

Many Voices One Song

Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzales are the authors of Many Voices One Song. The most comprehensive work on The Sociocratic Circle Method yet. It goes through both the values behind and all of the tools involved with running a sociocratic organization.

Many Voices One Song includes step-by-step descriptions for structuring organizations, making decisions, and generating feedback. The content is illustrated by many diagrams, tables, examples, lists, skits, and stories from the field.

Frederic Laloux (Author of Reinventing Organizations):
“Finally a handbook for Sociocracy! The handbook is detailed, practical, full of examples and insights from experience. A wonderful contribution for people striving for better workplaces and communities.”

John Buck (Co-author of We The People):
“This is a very important book. Many people will find its specific guidance very useful as they start using sociocracy to make their organization more nimble, adaptive and humane.”

You can buy it here:

Sociocratic meeting facilitation can be used anywhere, not only in sociocratic groups.

  • Teaching hours are 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. every day.
  • The course includes three daily meals.
  • Accommodations are not included in the price.

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Badge work and certification

The facilitator certification is the second level of certification from Sociocracy For All. The certification allows you – with our recommendations – to offer facilitation ­processes to organisations other than your own. The ­facilitator certification is also a prerequisite for further ­certification towards trainer and consultant levels.

Sociocracy For All has developed a badge system that ­serves as a learning map. We will support participants in earning all the badges that consti­tute the facilitation level of the ­Sociocracy For All ­certification.
The advantage of this system is that the path is clear with transparent, peer-assessed requirements and a feedback-­rich environment with many ways of learning. You can view the details of the badge system here.

If you want to, you will be able to continue on the learning path of the badge system for more learning and growth after the workshop. The ­facilitation certification is a stepping stone towards certification through the new International Sociocracy ­Certification Board for consultants.

Badge system overview:

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